Neighborhood Notebook (Now w/20% more Nolita!)

March 31, 2004 'Twas a bright and sunny weekend, the time to discover eateries anew in the Dining Fields of the Lord 'neath Houston... On the well-trafficked block of Spring Street, just steps from the reknowned Jen Bekman Gallery (N.B. opening there tonight, people!), we noted a collapsed awning at Cafe Lebowitz—further proof of the decay of this once-grand establishment. But that is not why we write today. Two doors down, wedged in politely next to Bread, we noticed that a new Asian tapas restaurant/bar called Room 18 has opened. A peek revealed a breezy space and friendly barkeep; we shall return, perhaps even this eve!... New East Village wine store on the way: Discovery Wines on lower Avenue A (thanks, Charlie)... Proving that you can't keep bad taste down, 12" Bar has opened in the old Filthy McNasty's space on Essex (@ Houston/Stanton). Emails Joey of ToTC, "There's a motto on the sign: 'Drink. Look. Listen.' Look at what? The playground across the street? That's just gross, dude. And if there's going to be live music at that place, the band better have absolutely no following, because it's not like that place can fit more than five fat dudes." Indeed... Sandra, the proprietress of Essex St. chucklemporium Laugh Lounge NYC, also drops us a line. "Come on by any Thursday-Saturday night and tell folks to mention the Lockhart Steele site for free admission to the show!" Amen!

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That art looks like a bad attempt by an architect from the 50's. No, wait that sounds good. I'll take Richard Diebenkorn anyday.

Posted by: mo rocker at April 1, 2004 07:31 AM