Review: Ivo and Lulu

March 18, 2004 The nameless neighborhood between the West Village and Tribeca (realtors say "Hudson Square" or "WeVar"; we favor "EarInn") doesn't get much respect—or press. Besides the SLNY namedrops, we're not sure we'd even know that Ivo and Lulu exists, or that the block of Broome St. between 6th Ave. and Varick is the place for a low-key, low-cost night on the town. Start the night at new hole-in-the-wall bar Monkey Temple, where the proprietors served us up free nibbles that did not consist of peanuts, pretzels, or popcorn. From there, it's a few doors down to Ivo and Lulu, as cool and different a restaurant as we've discovered in recent months. No wider than Monkey Temple, the place serves what's billed as French-Carribean cuisine. That essentially means that fruity surprises accompany stalwart bistro dishes like lamb. Between two of us, we batted three out of four on ordering things we liked. The best part: the place is BYOB, and nothing on the menu is more than $10. We're even willing to overlook the fact that the place is a spin-off of an Upper West Side joint—and that's saying a lot.

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An UWS spin-off, yes, but isn't it owned by the guys who used to run Les Deux Lapins, a nice little French-Caribbean cafe that lived on Thompson Street several years ago? (Not quite the Lower East Side, I know, but certainly at least Below 14th.) Let's think of it as a returning to one's roots. Sort of.

Posted by: MG at March 19, 2004 10:35 AM

Ahhhh. I knew I liked it for a reason.

Posted by: Lock at March 19, 2004 12:19 PM

Lock, no offense but first we get resturant report for joints in Berlin and now places that just might as well be that far away on the west side. What gives, did you take the crit that you were overexposing the hood too seriously? Just bustin ya bawls!

And just wait untill Krukoff gets wind of the man-purse story!

Posted by: donny Brasco at March 23, 2004 01:25 PM

And is it just me or is the personal experience of being in a whole foods store just a tad shy of being in a place like say HELL! It just seems like one big annoying organic yuppie clip joint to me with a check out line that rivals some sort of early russian factory film. Ho yo, read the signs of oppressed farm workers, look around you to see the oppressed customers! Yeah it beats the hippy dippy stores just by being open, but still something is really wrong with it IMO. Am I alone?
And just what the F does this have to do with Ivo and Lulu?

Posted by: donny Brasco at March 23, 2004 01:31 PM

Almost a year late on this review but thats okay...mark also owns a killer BYOB bar on A and 7th St called Funky Nassau

Posted by: Chris at March 31, 2004 06:25 PM

Donny Brasco: You're funny, in a pathetic sort of way. Raising awarenes about issues confronting the majority of the world's population should be admired, not criticized, especially given the apathy running rampant in our society. Or does it make you feel uncomfortable to think about such things? Maybe even a little guilty? And you'd rather not have such troubling thoughts weigh you down as you eat?

Posted by: James Dean at April 20, 2004 05:47 PM